ALBERT NOBILIS was born out of craftsmanship. Preserving our revered métiers, along with our unique artisanal craftsmanship, is essential to the lasting success of ALBERT NOBILIS. We ensure that our workplace provides an environment that allows and encourages each of our employees to develop their skills under the best possible conditions, ensuring the refinement and… Continue reading CULTIVATING CRAFTSMANSHIP


At ALBERT NOBILIS, we deeply value the uniqueness of each of our employees and provide them with the tools to discover their potential and thrive. OUR ONGOING INITIATIVESWe are committed to raising awareness among 100% of our employees about preventing Unconscious Bias and Stereotypes Additionally, we are dedicated to publishing job descriptions that are 100%… Continue reading NURTURING DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION


At ALBERT NOBILIS, we understand that most of the raw materials used in crafting and protecting our products come from nature, including sources from animals, plants, and minerals. Recognizing that not all of these raw materials are renewable, we are dedicated to fostering supply chains that have a regenerative impact on biodiversity. Our core priorities… Continue reading RESPONSIBLE SOURCING


At ALBERT NOBILIS, we are deeply committed to contributing to the objectives outlined in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which seeks to limit global warming to an average of 1.5°C. Our commitment extends to reducing our direct carbon footprint, encompassing our energy consumption at our own facilities, within our supply chain, and across all our… Continue reading PROTECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT


Albert Nobilis products are meticulously designed for longevity. Throughout every step of our creative process, we carefully assess the environmental impact of our creations across their entire life cycle. We prioritize preserving biodiversity by minimizing the use of raw resources and incorporating recycled and bio-sourced materials. We also contribute to the fight against climate change… Continue reading CULTIVATING CIRCULAR CREATIVITY