At ALBERT NOBILIS, we understand that most of the raw materials used in crafting and protecting our products come from nature, including sources from animals, plants, and minerals. Recognizing that not all of these raw materials are renewable, we are dedicated to fostering supply chains that have a regenerative impact on biodiversity. Our core priorities include resource preservation, climate responsibility, animal welfare, deforestation avoidance, the elimination of hazardous chemicals, and the reduction of air and water pollution.

Our Progress and Commitments

Responsibly sourced raw materials: Targeting 100% compliance by 2026.

Single-use plastic: Aiming for 0% usage by 2026.

Sustainable Raw Materials

As of 2023, we have ensured that 60% of the materials we source adhere to our responsible sourcing policies, which means they meet the strictest environmental standards. Our fabrics, from production to weaving, color dying, and finishing, meet the highest environmental standards. Collaborating closely with our suppliers, we continuously explore innovative methods to reduce water consumption in the processing of some fabrics and yarn materials.

Responsible Packaging

Rooted in our heritage as garment-makers, ALBERT NOBILIS’s current packaging serves as a testament to our original mission: safeguarding your most valuable and cherished possessions. Today, we extend our commitment to responsible protection by advancing sustainable packaging practices across our entire value chain. We achieve this through three main approaches: reducing material volume, prioritizing the use of recycled and recyclable materials, and the ambitious goal of eliminating single-use plastic entirely by 2026 (with a 70% reduction between 2018 and 2023).


Our partners have endorsed the ALBERT NOBILIS Code of Conduct, a set of principles encompassing ethics, environmental responsibility, and social practices, applicable to both ALBERT NOBILIS and our suppliers. Regular audits are conducted throughout the year, and since 2018, we have extended our audit scope to encompass social responsibility and raw material traceability. Our unwavering commitment is to eliminate all hazardous substances from our supply chain, achieved through a stringent Inoculation plan.