Committed to quality, innovative and progressive, Albert Nobilis pursuit is to preserve traditional quality approach to create fashion. Our vision to redefine value and luxury for the 21st century, further reinforcing our position as a quality driven brand, eclectic, contemporary, romantic—Albert Nobilis products represent the methodical pursuit of innovation paired with Italian Imagination and craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail.

The Swiss commitment to quality and precision manufacturing is legendary. ALBERT NOBILIS menswear is manufactured with these same high standards. Our design team bases their work on timeless artistic creations, this inspires us to create luxury products with a sharp design and passion for beauty.

We integrate Quality and Sustainability in our business model as a common ground of our values: excellence, innovation, passion and integrity, all along the lifecycle of our products, from the design to the end product, going through the sourcing of raw materials until out manufacturing process until the retail store.

Ours strategy is to incorporate sustainability as a source of new opportunities that add more value to our products, being more efficient at using resources. That means governing a corporate culture of sustainability that will be an advantage for the company in the long term, improving continuously our performance.

To achieve our goals, Albert Nobilis follows below commitments:

- Continuous improvement of the environmental performance of all our products.

- Prevent pollution, protect biodiversity, reduce waste, and minimize the consumption of resources.

- Follow the implementation of the highest environmental and social standards throughout the supply chains and use sustainable materials

- Engage, train and aware all our employees, partners and suppliers into our quality and sustainability commitments.

- Lead our operations under an ethical and responsible perspective and fair trade.

These commitments are the framework to establish and review our objectives and targets, aligned to our corporate governance.